Stand Your Ground, CT! (Stand With CT, MA!)

Following the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, in which deranged assailant Adam Lanza trespassed on a Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School, then murdered twenty-six people with a firearm, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed into law the most restrictive gun control measures in the country, despite the fact that the governor called them common sense reforms.

Not only would the state require universal background checks, including in private sales, but future magazine rounds would be restricted, and one hundred types of assault weapons would be banned. Furthermore, gun owners would have to register their guns with the state, or face a felony charge, a fine, and jail time.

The arguments for gun control have been refuted by moral as well as statistical inquiry. To champion restricting firearms alone will not deter crime. In the case of the Newtown Massacre, for example, the gun free zone provisions for public schools have inadvertently forced school staff to leave their students as easy targets for potential assailants.

Assault weapons bans do not work, either, since the laws ultimately restrict law-abiding citizens, while the criminals and dangerous elements in society still seeking out the weapons and assault others.

Despite the rising amount of academic and empirical evidence discrediting gun control, liberal state leaders like Governor Malloy insist on political maneuvers which appease fraught and distraught marginal interests, while ignoring the true causes and best solutions for reducing gun violence.

Even though the Connecticut legislature and governor pushed the excessive measures in 2013, come 2014 and Connecticut gun owners refuse to comply. The law has entered into effect this year, and so far, tens of thousands of Connecticut residents are presumed felons because they have not yet registered their guns with the state.

Pro-Second Amendment advocacy group Connecticut Carry spread lawn signs demanding the repeal of the draconian, overreaching law. Now that they are engaging in full civil disobedience, they are pressing state lawmakers, and ultimately the police with “Molon Labe” or “Come and get it.” Another report tallies that tens of thousands are not complying with the law. The Blaze then reported that the Connecticut state agency responsible for enforcing the law has faced a hit-and-miss response from a limited number of gun owners. In some instances, the state has accepted late applications, in other cases the very residents who come forward and register their weapons find themselves targeted with more invasive scrutiny.

Gun control measures like Connecticut’s laws have failed to consider that deep-set views which gun owners have about firearms. Beyond asserting their Second Amendment authority as a matter of individual right, the recognition of government tyranny, especially in democratic states, cannot be ignored. Totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany instituted gun registries, then gun confiscation. Besides the argument that self-preservation is a fundamental right per natural and Common law, the ongoing power of Second Amendment activists cannot be ignored even today.

Brian Hawkins of Right Wing News has affirmed the dangerous implications of any state trying to enforce such offensive laws. So far, a federal judge has upheld Malloy’s law, yet the ruling already faces appeal. One has to wonder how much longer the mainstream media will ignore this invasion of personal liberty.

Connecticut’s law is an unconscionable and unconstitutional overreach. Let us hope that more Connecticut gun owners stand their ground. And let us hope that more New Englanders, including Massachusetts conservatives, join the fight to stand for the rights of all Americans to protect themselves from government tyranny.

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