Roll Call Vote for 2014 MassGOP Platform

Below is the roll call vote for the 2014 Massachusetts Republican Party Platform.  I received it last night from Executive Director Rob Cunningham.  I’ve added some information and simplified the spreadsheet format for posting here on RMG.  Our Party often talks about transparency, sunshine, daylight, and an open process.  In that spirit, and especially considering the great discussions and debates over and about the 2014 MassGOP Platform, I am posting this roll call vote.


– Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at the Agganis Arena of Boston University

79 Members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee

(There are 40 Senate districts with 2 members per district for 80 total members but there was 1 vacancy as of the date of the meeting.  The vacancy has since been filled at caucus by The Honorable Vinny deMacedo, State Representative.  Rep. deMacedo will have his caucus election ratified on March 22.)

52 YEA, 16 NAY, 0 Abstentions, 11 Absent & 1 Vacancy

76% of State Committee members present & voting voted for the 2014 Platform

65% of all State Committee members voted for the 2014 Platform

(Percentages rounded down to the whole number)

Paul Adams – YEA

Robin Almgren – NAY

Brent Andersen – Absent  

Gordon Andrews – NAY

John Andrulis – YEA

Frank Ardinger – YEA

Steve Aylward – YEA

Patricia Barrett – NAY

Lisa Barstow – YEA

Marie Bergeron – YEA

Mark Bergeron – NAY

Richard Berrena – YEA

Peter Buckley – YEA

Brian Burke – YEA

Barbara Bush – YEA

Rob Cappucci Jr. – YEA

Brittany Carisella – NAY

Amy Carnevale – YEA

Mike Case – Absent

Christine Cedrone – NAY

Scott Conway – Absent

Brock Cordeiro – YEA

Michael Cowett – YEA

Judy Crocker – Absent

Angela Davis – YEA

Patricia Doherty – YEA

Peter Dulchinos – YEA

Dorothy Early – YEA

Jeanie Falcone – NAY

Janet Fogarty – YEA

Janet Garon – NAY

Michael Gilleran – YEA

William Gillmeister – YEA

Richard Green – YEA

Helen Hatch – YEA

Kimberly Incampo – YEA

Patricia Jennings – Absent

Bonnie Johnson – YEA

Jeanne Kangas – NAY

Joyce Kelly – YEA

Rachel Kemp – YEA

Janet Leombruno – Absent

Rebecca Levesque – YEA

Nancy Luther – Absent

Mahoney Elizabeth – Absent

Francis Manzelli – NAY

Deborah Martell – YEA

Martinez Sandi – YEA

Bill McCarthy – YEA

Thomas McCarthy – YEA

John F. McCarthy, Jr. – YEA

Barbara McCoy – NAY

Edward McGrath – YEA

Mindy McKenzie-Hebert – NAY

Horace Mello, Jr. – YEA

Tammy Mosher – YEA

Lucas Jon Noble – Absent

Gerry Nye – Position vacant at the time of the meeting due to his resignation

Brendan O’Connell – YEA

Kimberly Palmer – NAY

Mike Potaski – YEA

Cathy Richardson – YEA

Paul Ronukaitus – YEA

Roy Kimberly – Absent

William Ryan – NAY

Patricia Saint Aubin – YEA

Earl Sholley – YEA

Matthew Sisk – NAY

Susan Slade – NAY

Susan Smiley – YEA

Thomas Stanton – YEA

Timothy Sullivan – YEA

Mimi Sundstrom – YEA

Mark Townsend – YEA

Joseph Ureneck – YEA

Jill Ussach – Absent

Linda Vacon – YEA

Anthony Ventresca – YEA

Brad Williams – YEA

Stephen Zykofsky – YEA

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