Rep. Peter King: Marathon Bombing Report to Show FBI Dropped Ball by Not Talking to Boston Cops

The Boston Marathon bombing was made “more likely to succeed”, according to Representative Peter King (R-NY) because of a lack of FBI communications with the Boston Police prior to the attack.

King, in a wide ranging interview with Red Mass Group yesterday, said the final draft of the House Homeland Security Committee report on the bombings, will show a troubling lack of communication between the FBI and local police. King said, “when the report comes out, I believe it will show – and I’ve seen the final draft of the report – that there was not sufficient cooperation between the FBI and the Boston Police prior to the Marathon Bombing.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

King continued, “In that they[the FBI] never told the Boston Police that the older brother was under surveillance, or that the Russians had given us information on him.  They kept that to themselves.”

King explained that the FBI does not have the resources to conduct the kinds of investigations local police can.  “And the FBI, as good as they are, do not have the local contacts on the ground that the local police would have. The Boston Police are an outstanding police department, Commissioner Davis is an outstanding leader,” said King. ”

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King continued, “If his officers, his detectives, his special units – if they had known about Tsarnaev, then they would have their resources, their informants, their people.  Sometimes that’s how you make the deal for information.”

King told Red Mass Group the report is ready to be released, and negotiations are happening to determine if it will be released first in Boston or Washington.  

King conluded, “Whether or not that would have prevented the Boston Marathon bombing, it certainly made it more likely to succeed.”  

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