Please Join Me in Voting Heck Yes! For Mark Fisher at Tomorrow’s Convention

Here is the endorsement letter I sent to the Newton Republican Convention Delegation regarding the 2014 MA-GOP Gubernatorial race.

Dear Newton GOP Convention Delegates:

Bill Heck and I have been watching the two Republican candidates for governor; and after careful assessment of their positions and capabilities, we have wholeheartedly endorsed Mark Fisher.

We are strong fiscal and social conservatives, who recognize the need to support our party’s platform and core values.  Mark Fisher enthusiastically supports the platform and those values.  In case you missed it, 90% of that platform covered fiscal and governance issues as opposed to hotly contested social issues.  

Bill made a really good point recently about our party’s platform.  Much as you would expect a Chinese restaurant to feature a fine assortment of Chinese cuisine, when a political party creates a political platform and nominates a flagship political candidate at the top of their ticket, you would expect that candidate to emphatically support our platform.  Mark Fisher emphatically supports our platform and he won’t disavow it, reject it, speak out against it or distance himself from it.

When Bill Heck ran for Mayor in 2009, we voted for him because he represented our values.  When I ran as a write-in for Mayor in 2013, we voted for me because I represented our values.  In 2014, Bill and I urge you to vote for Mark Fisher because he represents the values of limited government, fiscal stewardship, personal freedom & personal responsibility that we as Republicans believe in.

Mark Fisher shows that conservative Republicans are ready to proactively lead and ready to govern.  Mark Fisher is the only candidate that has signed the No New Taxes pledge, he is the only candidate that has taken and passed the VoteCoreValues Questionnaire, he is the only candidate that has identified specific areas of spend that he would like to eliminate and the only candidate that proactively seeks to bring new jobs and industries to Massachusetts.  Mark Fisher is also the only candidate that is committed to restoring Constitutional Limited Government, protecting Second Amendment rights and affirming traditional values.

Mark Fisher is electable because his no-nonsense straight talk is energizing people.  People who did not vote for Governor last time are saying that Mark Fisher is the type of person they would actually go out and vote for.  The only way we are going to energize those people back into being voters, is to give them someone worth voting for.  Mark Fisher is the most qualified candidate for Massachusetts Governor, he proudly supports Republican principles and therefore has our support.

We’re very excited that Mark Fisher has given many of us a voice in politics and we urge you to join us in voting for Mark Fisher at the MA-GOP State Convention this Saturday March 22.  Please join us in saying Heck Yes! for Mark Fisher on March 22.

About Joshua Norman

Joshua Norman is a lifelong resident of Newton and is stepping up to rebuild the Newton Republican City Committee's Ward 4 Ward Committee. He has been a frequent contributor to the Newton TAB since 2013 and has also been quoted by The Boston Globe and the Newton Patch. He is the Vice President and Research Director of the Newton Taxpayers Association and a Newton Co-Captain for End Common Massachusetts. He is currently a candidate for GOP State Committee Man from the First Middlesex & Norfolk District - Newton, Brookline and Wellesley (Pcts. A, C-E, H).