Pioneer Institute Accountability Check on Mass Education Secretary

The Pioneer Institute, a proponent of saving children through quality education, uncovered information showing that Deval Patrick’s Education Secretary, Matt Malone, is a bigot and anti-charter advocate.  They’ve gone on the attack, and it’s great to see.

Education Secretary Matt Malone’s views on charter schools characterized by bigotry and demonization

Can Matt Malone provide educational leadership in a state with the nation’s most successful charter public school sector?

Emails recently obtained by Pioneer Institute show that Secretary Malone engaged in various forms of bigotry and demonization when, as superintendent of the Brockton Public Schools, he fought against opening the city’s first charter public school.

After the 2008 rejection of a proposed Brockton charter public school under highly unusual circumstances, another charter proposal was submitted by a founding group with deep ties to Brockton.  The leadership group included former Mayor Jack Yunits, City Councilor Jass Stewart, and longtime advocate and business leader Faelton Perkins.  If approved, the charter was to be operated by SABIS, a demonstrable “proven provider” in Massachusetts, given its successful management of a large, high-performing charter public school in Springfield.  (Today, SABIS also manages charter schools in Holyoke and Lowell.)

Why is Matt Malone standing in the door to better outcomes for our children?

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