National Committeewoman Prunier Focuses on the Grassroots

Focusing on the people that propelled her to the Republican National Committee talked about the grassroots in her convention speech today.

Prunier highlighted one activist in particular, saying:

There’s one particular guy I saw more than just about anyone else over the last several years.

And he is here today.  

He isn’t a paid staffer, or a political junkie with time to spare.

He is a Dad who took time away from his family, as you all do, to lend his support up and down the ballot, for school committee, for selectmen and state Rep.

He is a volunteer who knocked on doors in downtown Worcester during a special election with us.

He is an activist who stood outside a supermarket in Peabody to get signatures for the gas tax initiative.

he is a leader who baks up talk with action.  

He is Charlie Baker – the next Governor of Massachusetts!

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