MassGOP Rules Committee Chair (a Baker supporter) says Mark Fisher should Be on Ballot.

The man in charge of the Rules for the Massachusetts Republican Party (who happens to be a Charlie Baker supporter) says unequivocly that blanks should NOT have been counted at the convention and that Mark Fisher belongs on the primary ballot.   from the Globe:

Charlie Baker’s bid to become the Republican nominee for governor hit another snag Thursday night when the chair of the rules committee for last Saturday’s convention said his party did not appear to follow its own rules.

Steve Zykofsky, a longtime state committee member and chairman of the rules committee that developed the regulations for the GOP convention, said blank ballots should not have been counted in the final tally of votes that delegates cast to decide which candidates can run for governor.

If those blank votes had been excluded, he said, Tea Party challenger Mark R. Fisher apparently would have qualified for the ballot, triggering a primary with Baker.

“I support Charlie Baker for governor 100 percent – 110 percent perhaps,” said Zykofsky. “But the fact of the matter is, as rules committee chairman and a member of the state committee, I have to be fair.”

Zykofsky, the rules committee chairman, said the convention’s Rule 17 states that only votes cast on behalf of nominated candidates can be counted toward the total. “The blank votes would not be counted in the final total,” he said.

Corrupt party boss Rob Cunningham responded with total jibberish disagreeing with the Rules Chair. And when the globe asked cunningham for a district by-district count: “He declined to provide a district-by-district tally of the votes to the Globe.”  Smoke-filled, closed-door backroom count. Welcome to Moscow.

And the other corrupt party boss, Kristen Hughes, can’t get her story straight:

When she gave reporters the official vote tally, Hughes also asserted that blanks were not being counted.

“You can’t count blanks toward a bottom line,” said Hughes. “That’s not how it goes.”

Later, Hughes said she had misspoken and that the blanks had in fact, been counted.

But actual conservatives know what the score is.

“There’s no question that they’re on a mission to keep Fisher off the ballot,” said Richard Howell, a delegate from Wilbraham.

When the votes were counted in the open, Fisher had his 15%. When the ballots made their way to the smoke-filled, closed-door backroom, Fisher lost his 15%.

Doesn’t that bother anybody? What say you, robeno?

Are we for liberty, or are we for Vladmir Putin tactics running the Massachusetts Republican Party?

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