MassDems hit Charlie Baker for not attending forum coordinated by former MassDems Spox Kevin Franck

This takes the cake.  The former spokesman for the Massachsuetts Democratic Party, Kevin Franck, is now working with the Environmental League of Massachusetts.  They have become increasingly more politically active as this report by WBUR shows.

Seeking new influence in Massachusetts politics, a leading environmental group is wading into the mayoral race Thursday – with plans to get involved in the governor’s contest and state legislative elections next year.

Kevin Franck, a former spokesman for the state Democratic Party now working as a consultant for the Environmental League, said advocates cannot allow that to happen anymore.

“It’s easy for candidates to say, ‘Yeah, I want to do the right thing for the planet, I want to do the right thing to fight climate change,'” he said. “But there’s no arm to hold them accountable if they don’t.”

Now on the eve of the Massachusetts Republican Convention they are jointly hosting a forum, with other environmentalist organizations, like the Green Justice Coalition, for Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates.  Charlie Baker, wisely, has chosen not to attend this obvious trap set by Franck.  

Now the Massachusetts Democratic Party has joined in the attacks, uncoordinated I’m sure.  

“What on Earth is Republican Charles Baker afraid of,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Tom McGee. “Could it be he is afraid someone in the audience of passionate believers in protecting our environment might ask Republican Charles Baker why he still has the same position he did in 2010 when he said he didn’t know enough to say whether climate change was impacted by what we spew into our environment?”

Maybe, just maybe, Charlie senses a trap – or it’s the day before the convention.  It’s smart of Charlie to decline.

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