Lower all wages $5 an hour, give everyone $200/week

Here is my proposal: People should not need to have a job to survive at subsistence levels, with basic health care and shelter and food and clothing. Jobs should be for extra money, to have nicer clothes, more/better food, nicer place to live, and (if desired) more health care. If we lowered all hourly wages across the board $5 an hour, and got rid of employer provided health care, that would lower everyone’s pay $200 week, but make it super easy for businesses to hire more people, and pay them more, and improve their business. And if the government also gave everyone a check for $200 and basic health care coverage for free, without needing a job, that would more than make up for the loss of pay. People would work if they wanted too, which would make for happier workers.

I envision everyone getting a check in the mail from the federal government, or maybe just auto deposited into a government provided online bank account like PayPal. People that don’t need the $200 could autopay it to a charity or to media subscriptions.

As to where the government would get the money to pay the $200 a week to everyone, it would replace lots of other subsidies, and would generate more tax revenue. And we’d have to tax some high income people more too.

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