Let Justina Speak

The corruption of the Commonwealth is now completely out of hand, and on display for the entire nation to see.   A judge ruled, yesterday, that the inept Department of Children and Families has complete custody of Justina Pelletier for at least another three months.  

The Pelletier family is not allowed to appeal the ruling in that time.

Michael Graham has an excellent recap of four things you should know about that ruling over at MichaelGraham.com.

In all of this, there is one person we have not heard from, in her own voice.  That person is Justina Pelletier herself.  Today on WRKO it was reported that her Guardian ad Litem – lawyer – told the judge Justina wants to go home, and is not happy with her care.  The judge ignored that testimony.

One of the problems of this case, and quite frankly what DCF and the Patrick administration are counting on, is that reasonable people can’t quite get their minds around the fact that the family has done nothing wrong.  They think, there must be something here, what aren’t we being told.  Having Justina Pelletier speak, to the public, in her own voice would go a long way to alleviating those questions, or confirming those suspicions.  

Justina must be allowed to speak, anything less is unacceptable.

Call your legislator at 617-722-2700 – ask the switchboard to connect you – and tell them you want them to force DCF to Let Justina Speak.  

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