Judge Told DCF to Prepare Plan to Give Justina Back to Her Parents Months Ago, DCF Did Nothing

Michael Graham has a blockbuster of a story at his blog.  Apparently the judge in the Justina Pelletier case told DCF, months ago to prepare a plan for Justina to be remanded to the care of her parents.  DCF refused to comply.

You will hear a harrowing account by an attorney for the family.  DCF continues to dig in its heels when Justina has told the court she wants to go home, her parents want her to come home, and the judge ordered DCF to prepare a plan for her to go home.  

Why is DCF colluding with Boston Children’s Hospital to steal children from their parents.  Is there a money trail?  

These are all questions that David Linsky, the Chair of the House Post Audit and Oversight Committee should be asking.  The Patrick administration plainly cannot be trusted.

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