Judge gives DCF ‘permanent’ custody of Justina Pelletier, Does DCF want her to die?

Update Courtesy of The Blaze.com

Update: Mat Staver, founder and director of Liberty Counsel, told TheBlaze as he understands the order that was filed with the clerk, the DCF will retain custody of Justina until May 25 at which point another hearing will be held to determine custody going forward.

“This is just completely unacceptable. The family asked us to pursue any other opportunities and appeals,” Staver said. “The family is beyond fed up.”

In response to the Globe reporting the state will retain “permanent” custody, Staver said “there’s no way they could have done that.”

Things just got considerably worse for the Pelletier family.  According to the Boston Globe a Massachusetts judge just gave permanent custody of Justina Pelletier to the Department of Children and Families. Effectively ending any legal rights the family has.

In what appears to be a major setback to the parents of a Connecticut teenager in the middle of a long-running custody dispute, a Massachusetts juvenile court judge Tuesday issued a ruling giving “permanent” custody of Justina Pelletier to the state Department of Children and Families, which then leaves it up to the agency to decide if or when she should be returned back home.

The decision by Judge Joseph Johnston came in response to a motion, presented by the 15-year-old’s court-appointed lawyer and the lawyers for her parents, Linda and Lou Pelletier of West Hartford, Conn., which called for the parents to be awarded “conditional custody” of their daughter.

I have become increasingly convinced that the state wants this child to die, so that she can never tell her side of the story.  According to published reports Pelletier’s health has increasingly deteriorated ever since her father broke the gag order.

How in America can we let this happen?

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