Is Global Warming a religion or a cult?

Many define Religion as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe.  Often they add mention of a controlling superhuman power.  

Wouldn’t Global Warming alarmists fall into that category as they believe that there is a weather pattern, caused by man, that is superhuman and controls the world.  It has power beyond mortal mankind and it controls the world.  

At the same time Cult is defined as a veneration and devotion toward a particular object or figure.  

Wouldn’t that also describe Global Warming alarmists who are devoted to following and sanctifying the idea of a Global Warming?  They worship the idea of some powerful control over the weather and the people that promote this idea.

Aren’t we at a point where these Global Warming alarmists, or shall I call them End-of-Times anarchists could be described as religious fanatics or cultists?  

Let me put it in this perspective – I am a Christian and as such I tend to see the ‘fingerprints’ of God where many others would not.  I see God in the sunshine, the children, the work of humble people, etc.  Global Warming alarmists see the ‘fingerprint’ of Global warming where nobody else does – they see it in the cold, the snow, the Noreaster, the frigid temperatures and below average temperatures.  

So is Global Warming a religion or a cult?

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  • As far as religion goes, many apocalyptic movements spring up so those who are on the outside can feel like those on the inside will eventually get theirs.

    The environmental movement since the 1970s has pretty much the same goal whether it’s warming or cooling: social control.

    I think any society has to have a way to limit the strong from dominating the weak and environmentalism is one way that we’re doing it.

    I don’t believe in global warming but I understand the feelings of people who are looking for decent public transportation, who are appalled by the terrible behavior of drivers, who oppose pollution etc.