Great Article on Conservative Support for Charlie Baker

I couldn’t have said it better myself, oh wait… I did say it…

Here’s Frank Phillips piece in today’s Boston Globe.

“There is generally no discontent in the conservative community about his getting the nomination,” said one local activist, who describes himself as a friend and admirer of Fisher. The activist, who declined to be named, is backing Baker because he offers a more realistic chance for Republican victory.

Eno framed the issue in even stronger terms: “Because [Baker] has worked the grass roots and been in the trenches helping Republican conservatives, the grass roots have come to love him.”

There are pragmatic reasons for that support, as well. Baker, with his fund-raising prowess and political campaign experience, is seen as the GOP’s best hope of recapturing the governor’s office, a victory that would help bring about some of the changes they seek in state government spending.

“They’ve grown to understand the stakes are so high for the Commonwealth that they’re backing someone who can win,” said Eno, noting that Baker’s courting of conservatives over the past four years has paid off.

That is exactly right.  Charlie is not a 70% friend, not an 80% friend its is more like an 85-90% friend.  He shares common ground on all but the most conservative social issues with many of us.  Even on abortion, Charlie is pro-choice without being pro-abortion – and there is a difference.  In 2010 he said he is against partial birth abortion, and for parental notification.  

I am proudly supporting Charlie Baker this Saturday, and I hope you do too.

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