David Linsky Stands Between Justina Pelletier and Her Parents

Update: Michael Graham has more… – and David Linsky has responded

Today Representative Jim Lyons (R-Andover) offered a bipartisan resolution calling on the Department of Children and Families to remand Justina Pelletier to the care of her parents.  

Lyons offered the non-binding resolution using Rule 24 of the house.  The clerk read the resolution, and immediately the Chairman of the House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight David Linsky rose to object.

Linsky also has refused to hold hearings into the matter, deferring to the courts.  

David Linsky has reached out to Red Mass Group and offered the following statement.  

Many members objected. I was recorded because the DCF matter is before my committee. Standard procedure is that all resolutions are sent to the Rules Committee before being heard on the floor, and Rep. Lyons tried to go around the rules. He had an opportunity to debate the substance of the resolution on the floor but either chose not to or did not understand the procedure.

I would have been happy to debate the substance of the resolution on the floor but no one stood up to argue for the resolution. When no one argued for it, it is automatically sent to the Rules Committee. The thrust of my argument is that the Legislature should not interfere with a pending court case where the parties still have appellate rights, which they are choosing not to exercise.

We should never interfere with a pending court case. Moreover, please remember that is is not DCF that has made the orders, it is the court. I think my record shows that I am no fan of the current DCF but we all have to respect a pending court case. The Legislature can’t step in because that would be a violation of the separation of powers.

There have been many people standing in the way of reuniting Justina Pelletier with her loving parents, today it was David Linsky.  

If you would like to contact Representative Linsky his phone number is 617-722-2575.

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