Convention Thoughts

Here are a few thoughts on the convention.

After attending many a convention has many purposes.  There is the business of the convention of Officially endorsing candidates and qualifying them for the ballot.  Additionally, the convention is there to energize your workers and donors to get ready for the long campaign season.  Everyone should leave the convention hall either ready to empty their bank account for the cause, or ready to knock on 1,000 doors.  It should be affirming and uplifting for the delegates who will spend 5-8 hours listening to speeches and having to live on pizza, pretzels and diet coke.

1)  How can one start off without talking about the Fisher debacle.  As a Baker delegate, the central question was “Will he get 15%?”.  That was the reason everyone was there for either side.  To spend 8 hours at the convention, vote and not find out was utterly amazing.  It was like watching a movie murder mystery for 2 hours and as they are about to reveal the killer, the movie ends.  If that were the case, most people would want their money back.  Not explaining to the delegates the result was in bad taste.  Moreover, it took forever to count what was a simple process.  One can only wonder what was going on during that process.

2)  The Venue itself was fine.  I hope we have it there again.  No disrespect to our northern or western delegations, but it is a lot easier to get to and logistics make more sense in Boston.  However, there was lots of missed opportunities.

3)  Charging $5,000 for Non-profits affiliated groups was crazy.  As a delegate you are always walking around whether to get food, etc.  Having the tables for groups that assist the Republican cause is crucial.  Plenty of networking is done during the day by candidates, delegates, etc.  This was a missed opportunity.  

4)  Could someone explain why MassVictory was given time to inform the delegates so late in the day.  That should have been before noon.

5)  While there were a couple of videos, there should have been more use of it in between the speeches.  A captive audience.  They should have stressed the Senate PAC and House PAC for our candidates.

6)  Speeches, quite a wide spectrum.  Former State Senator David Locke cannot get enough applause.  He certainly showed everyone what a distinguished State Senator looks like and should be a model for all candidates on how to deliver a speech with wit, truthfulness and zeal.

That is just a few observations.  I have more but don’t plan on writing a dissertation.  All in all the convention did not deliver what it was supposed to which was UNITY.  I have been at many contested conventions where my candidate has won or lost.  However, never was the result in such question as this one.  That just simply can’t happen.  

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