Coakley for More Charters as Long as the Unions are Satisfied

Martha Coakley continues to stand in the school house door, but she may move, as long as the unions agree.  

Earlier this week Charlie Baker, the Republican candidate for Massachusetts Governor, challenged his Democratic rivals to lift the cap on charter schools.  Martha Coakley, through her staff, responded to the State House News Service.

“She believes lifting the cap on charters must be coupled with further investment in educating all kids – including in early childhood education and extension of the school day,” spokesman Kyle Sullivan said in a statement, indicating Coakley would release additional details of her plans to improve education later in the campaign.

The State House News Service found the last time Martha Coakley talked about charter schools to WGBH.

During an interview in October on WGBH, Coakley said that some charter schools have succeeded in pioneering new approaches to education, but others “haven’t done so well with their finances” and need to be held accountable. “So, we need to be with the teachers unions. I think people going into teaching because they want to teach. That’s great. And people go into unions because they want the economic security of it. I don’t have a problem with that. And I think that we will figure out how to make this happen,” she said.

Martha Coakley is for more charter schools, as long as they are unionized.  

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