Baker: Quality Education Can’t be Left to Chance

Charlie Baker, one of the founding employees of the Pioneer Institute, understands that school choice is an important way for children to get ahead.  11,400 children were losers this week, in the most important lottery of their lives. A lottery to get a better education.  

Charlie Baker’s latest email hits home on that point.

This week, a lucky handful of families won the lottery – their kid got a ticket to a great education at a charter school. Sadly, thousands of families’ hopes were crushed when they found out their number wasn’t called and their child wasn’t selected to attend the same schools.

Massachusetts families shouldn’t have to win the lottery to get their kid a great education. We should be better than that.

Not only do I want to make every school in Massachusetts a great school, I am also proud that I am the only candidate in this race to support 100% – no ifs, ands or buts – those families praying their child gets into a charter school.

“Republican Charlie Baker, the 2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee and a former health care executive, gave the most full-throated endorsement of lifting the cap among the candidates.” (Springfield Republican, 3/13/14)

A child’s education shouldn’t be decided by their zip code and it certainly shouldn’t be decided by random chance.

School choice has been called by African American leaders, the civil rights issue of this century. Charlie Baker is on the right side of history.  

Call your legislator and tell them to get out of the school house door, and raise the cap on charter schools, at 617-722-2000.

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