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  • This was inspiring. He’s gone back to the tone he used in 2010 rather 2012. Had he stuck to it, he might still be Senator.

    I wish him the best of luck in N.H.  I’ll take him over Shaheen in a heartbeat.

    We need as many Republicans in the U.S. Senate as possible.

  • and then knowing what we got instead, doesn’t exactly send tingles up my leg, but, yeah, better than the other, and definitely his next stepping stone for his Presidential aspirations.  Wish it was more about Love of Country, than him.

  • MerrimackMan

    Echoing a similar sentiment, that’s the 2010 Scott Brown right there. Shows you why he was so much more successful the first go around. He wasn’t a far right bomb thrower then, certainly wasn’t in 2012, and still is pretty moderate, but he forgot how to speak to our higher ideals in a forceful way in 2012. Too often it seems the consultants warn to “tone it down” following the need to appeal to the center. Yes, ideologically speaking, to win in this state, or New Jersey, you can’t be a Ted Cruz Republican. But if you refuse to put forth a set of principles or higher ideals behind even your centrist ideology, there’s nothing there, and that’s what Scott Brown gave us in 2012, and that’s why he lost (Dem turnout of course finished the job). Glad to see he’s finding his voice again.  

  • I thought this was Red MASS Group not Granite State Grok.

    This guy is in NH now and we need to focus on MASS.

    Many MASS people still do not forgive him for the way he stabbed so many conservatives, tea partiers, and liberty folks in the back. Not to mention his arm twisting before the election of our party chair followed by his late exit from the Senate race against Markey…

    Sure his speech is inspiring, but Obama gives inspiring speeches too and he is a fricking Marxist.

    He is NH’s problem now.