Archambault: Patrick Admin Fudged 2013 Insurance Rates to Hide Impact of Obamacare

Health Policy expert Joshua Archambault, of the Pioneer Institute, lobbed a bombshell into the debate over Obamacare in Massachusetts.  Writing about the increasing premiums facing Massachusetts residents at the Pioneer Institute’s Blog.

The Patrick Administration has been publicly touting that health care premiums are only going to go up 2% this year in the Commonwealth. However the anecdotal evidence fails to back up that assessment, and in a future post I will explain the intentionally misleading nature of that number. In short, the Division of Insurance asked the insurance companies to restate 2013 rates as if the ACA was in effect, to make the premium difference seem lower for 2014 under the ACA.

You read that right.  In order to confuse the public about Massachusetts’, already highest in the nation, premiums rising by double digits, the Patrick Administration purposely cooked the books.  

Archambault goes on to show evidence of rising premiums, and shows that 359 plans have been cancelled by insurance companies.

Meanwhile over at Blue Mass Group, our friend Charley Blandy wonders why Dems aren’t pushing the good stories about Obamacare.  Maybe Charley because there aren’t any good ones.  The data don’t support them?

There is the possibility that the Affordable Care Act is working exactly as planned by the Democrats though.  What if there plan was to destroy the healthcare system so that they could get single payer.  

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