American Families Should Boycott Massachusetts This Summer

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has over the past twenty years abducted out of state children from their families at an alarming rate.  Using the term “medical abuse” DCF and our court system have sided with Boston Children’s hospital and doctors to take children from their parents over conflicting medical diagnoses.  Because of this parents from out of state should be warned to not take their children on vacations in Massachusetts.

It is not just the current Justina Pelletier case where this has happened.  Time and time again DCF sides with Children’s hospital and the Harvard University health network to abduct children.  

It goes back close to twenty years.  In 1998 the Boston Globe (Abstract) reported on cases of Children’s Hospital, and the then DSS, abducting children.

Yet even though Matthew fit the clinical profile of the disease, and his mother had it as a child, some doctors at Boston’s Children’s Hospital insisted that his injuries were “highly suggestive” of child abuse.  As a result, for half of his brief life, Matthew and his twin brother, Michael (Goldberg), were taken from their parents and placed in state- sponsored foster care with no parental visitation allowed.

The hospital’s child protection team clung to its diagnosis of abuse despite vigorous dissent by other doctors inside and outside Children’s as well as the absence of corroborative evidence. Moreover, the team revised its dating of Matthew’s fractures in what critics suspect was an attempt to refute radiologic evidence that at least some of the fractures occurred while he was in foster care, or, more problematic for Children’s, in the hospital itself.

Newton attorney Robert Weber has represented parents and children in abuse cases for 20 years and sits on the DSS Professional Advisory Committee. “DSS never questions Children’s Hospital,” he says. “So Children’s has to question itself. It has to be better than good. Because there’s nobody checking them, and the consequences are so serious. They ought to be very, very careful when they make these decisions, and I don’t think they are.”

16 years ago, one of the best Guardian Ad Litems in the state said this was a problem, and our state has not acted.

If you are a parent from out of state and are thinking of visiting us this year. Please don’t visit.  Take your vacation dollars elsewhere, the future of your family may be at stake if your child falls ill.  

In Massachusetts you have no parental rights. The joy of our vacation spots isn’t worth it, for you… or your children.

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    But, not jet because MA abducts children in its endless pursuit of power and the destruction of traditional families.  American families should also boycott MA because of the alarming number of school teachers that sexually molest their students.  For having among the highest taxes in the country.  For being a state that has a long history of defending criminals over victims.  For allowing former Congressman from MA to take young boys on trips in order to sexually molest them.  For having the last 3 Speakers of the House as convicted felons.  For a full scale attack on the church and traditional values.  For having a legislature that is more concerned with naming a state cookie than it is bringing decent legislation up for a vote.  For electing a woman Senator who openly lies about being a native American.  For electing a Senator who steps foot in his home state only once a year for fundraising purposes.  For having a Governor that is racist and believes the way to resolve terrorism is to better understand loving those who terrorize.  For having a tax system where church donations are not deductible, but allows endless deductions for animal rights groups and Aids funding.  I could go on and on, but you get the point…

  • Maybe she was talking like Yoda, it takes a village to raise a child……


    A child to raise? the Village takes it.

    –Shrillery Clinton, Telephone Expert

    A village of idiots i might add.


  • Let us not also forget Children’s Hospital Boston covering for one of their own. When Matthew Eappen’s MD mother had a car accident with him not properly restrained TWO WEEKS before he died, she brought him to CHB and the doctors there checked him out “under the radar” after he struck his head in the accident. It was very convenient for her that there were no records of that visit when he died, and it was also convenient that the pertinent slices of partially healed skull disappeared form the M.E.’s office.

    Where is AG Coakley on this issue? Why is she allowing a kidnapping and neglect of a child to go on right under nose? Probably the deep pockets affiliated with CHB and Harvard that are helping to bankroll her campaign are obscuring her view.

    As far as Judge Johnston goes, he should be reminded that the people of the Commonwealth were able to force that freak Maria Lopez off the bench for ass kissing the tranny child molester who likes getting forced oral from boys while sticking a screwdriver into their throats, he can be ousted too.