Wyatt Endorses Baker

Brad Wyatt endorsed Charlie Baker today.  

Wyatt – the leader of Massachusetts Liberty Movement and a candidate for State Representative – has endorsed Charlie Baker for Governor. Focusing on how Baker stood up for Evan Kenney during the 2012 caucuses. Wyatt is now urging delegates to vote for Baker at the convention.

Today, I want to go on record with my endorsement of Charlie Baker for Governor of Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Republican Party is lucky to have two qualified candidates in 2014 running for Governor and investing their time, treasure, and talent to improve our community and state. I personally know how difficult it is to campaign for public office in the Bay State, especially as a Republican in a state government dominated by Democrats. I’m thankful for any candidate that makes the sacrifice and the effort to bring competition to Massachusetts’ one party rule. Knowing the difficulty of winning as a Republican in Massachusetts, I have a personal policy to support any and all Republican candidates, regardless of specific political ideology, with signage on my building in Worcester.

While I commend Mark Fisher for his candidacy, I am thrilled to support Charlie Baker, a candidate that during the 2012 RNC delegate caucuses, demonstrated personal integrity and character by standing up

for duly elected Liberty Delegates like Evan Kenney, Carol Claros, and many others. Charlie Baker also has invested his money and time growing the grassroots and farm team by door knocking and campaigning with Republican Liberty candidates such as State Representative Leah Cole, Carol Claros, Phil Dolan, and many others.

While ideologically we may not agree on everything, Charlie Baker presents a tremendous opportunity to defeat the Democrat machine in November 2014, bring much needed political balance and debate of issues to the State House, and wield his political power to treat the Liberty Movement fairly and with respect.

Sadly, I see too many of my friends moving out of state for better job opportunities, and to restore prosperity in Massachusetts, in 2014 the activists need to work together to elect enough Republicans to the State House to sustain a veto, force debates on the issues, and determine the best policies for the voters (not just the lobbyists and special interests). Until there are enough Republican on Beacon Hill to restore legitimate debate and stop the current Oligarchy run by the State House and Senate Speakers and Governor, I ask that you to refuse to be distracted by paper tiger arguments about why not to vote for a Republican.

In 2014 – Please Vote Republican. Please Vote for Liberty. Please Vote for Charlie Baker.

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