Waive the Speaker Fees for all Statewide Candidates Now!

It is my understanding that the leadership of the MASSGOP has once again made a move to manipulate a vote.

Doing so under the guise of cost recovery, they are now charging Candidates for Governor, $25,000 to speak at the state convention.  This number is double what it was in 2010.  And we accuse the Democrats of being the party of raising fees and taxes?

But lets get right to the true motivation of the increase… they want their “preordained candidate” to be the nominee and they want to silence any dissent.

Sounds eerily familiar to our own president’s use of the NSA and IRS.. doesn’t it?

The State GOP “Speaker tax” or should I say “A Tax on anyone with whom they disagree with”, is a manipulative tool designed to prevent any other Governor Candidates from addressing the convention delegates and earning the required convention votes to make it onto the next round – the Republican primary.

Some novice strategist thought that if they can price out other voices, representatives of other schools of thought, their “preordained candidate” would have a free ride thru the Primary.

And they wonder why they have a public image problem.  When people read this they will say “Republicans must be rich!”  After all, how many ordinary, hard working individuals have $25,000 lying around to spend on 20 minutes of talk time?

Let’s face the harsh reality… The State GOP does very little and has very little impact on anything in the state today.

The least our party could do is pick up the tab of the convention, invest in the folks who are the heart and soul of our party and encourage people to run for office.

Save $50,000 on negative ads you plan on running for your “preordained candidate” and try investing it in the people who can actually make a difference.

Let’s have a FREE discussion between candidates, running for Statewide Office, and at a minimum, the MASSGOP might be able to provide some real value in providing a platform for the ideas to be shared and debated without media bias.  

Let me remind the State GOP of the fiasco that ensued last time they tried to manipulate a vote.

When you tried to strip elected Ron Paul Delegates of their credentials, it made national headlines and you embarrassed the man who should have been president – Mitt Romney.

Childish actions back then were inaccurately construed by the national press as actions of Romney himself and we lost the support of many good people.

If the MASSGOP continues to play childish games today, The State GOP will continue hurdling down the road to extinction.

Let me be very clear… The Age of Elitists, Hypocrites, Representatives of nothing and no new ideas… is over.

There is a new light, coming forth from the old South Tower… its burning hot and bright.

Everything you do is now in covered in light… the days of scheming in the darkness are over.

Do the right thing… Waive the Speaker fees for all statewide candidates now!

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