VIDEO: Mass AG Coakley: Aware of Pelletier Case but Only What is in Media

Red Mass Group has obtained video – sound quality is poor – of Keith Mason with PersonhoodUSA who is assisting the Pelletier family with this case, asking Martha Coakley about the Pelletier’s case.

Mason asks Coakley if she has heard about the Pelletier case. Coakley answers that she has, but only what has been written in the media.

Mason then explains Representaive Lombardo and Lyons Resolution calling on DCF to release Justina Pelletier to the care of her family.  

According to Representative Marc Lombardo, who appears in the video, that after the video cust out Coakley says that she cares about the case and that she is confident that judges in these types of cases don’t take these decisions lightly.

Mason asked Coakely to get involved and she said “if there is a need, we’ll look into it,” according to Lombardo.

Attorney General Coakley can be reached at (617) 727-2200.

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