Top 10 reasons Bob Costas has pink eye….

By now you have heard that Bob Costas, host of the Olympics, has a bad case of pink eye.  So bad in fact, that he has been temporarily removed from broadcasting the games.  Top Notch news guy Matt Lauer has been filling in for him….

So I put together a list of the top 10 reasons Bob Costas might have pink eye.

1. He has been working late at night in an effort to be the first person to successfully read the entire Affordable Care Act.

2. He switched to Obamacare and was told he couldn’t see an eye doctor until 2017.

3. He has been crying ever since the national debt surpassed $17 trillion.

4. It is Bush’s fault.

5. That socialist nation drinking water does it every time!

6. He forgot to duck when Moe and Larry tried the eye gouge routine on him.

7. Putin kicked sand in his face.

8. Mary Lou Retton kicked sand in his face.

9. As an NBC correspondent he is allergic to patriotism.

10. In mother Russia, you don’t get pink eye – pink eye get you!

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