The State of Republican House Members Fundraising in 2013

Last week Red Mass Group looked at which Masachusetts Republican State Representatives had the most cash on hand.  Today we’ll look at who raised the most cash in 2013.  Based on records from the Office of Campaign and Political finance the average raised by incumbent Republican State Representatives was $21,236 and the median was $15,680.

Leading fundraising by GOP incumbents was Brad Jones with $65,148, followed by Ryan Fattman with $59,814, Shaunna O’Connell with $51,409, Leah Cole with $43,350 and Vinny Demacedo with $39,006.  Cole’s numbers include the amount raised for her special election in the beginning of 2013.

A full listing can be found after the jump.

Brad Jones $65,148

Ryan Fattman $59,814

Shaunna O’Connell $51,409

Leah Cole $43,350

Vinny Demacedo $39,006

Matt Beaton $30,950

Geoff Diehl $26,256

Jim Lyons $24,147

George Peterson $24,028

Paul Frost $20,492

Randy Hunt $18,110

Keiko Orrall $16,845

Steve Howitt $16,774

Marc Lombardo $16,628

Todd Smola $14,732

Angelo D’Emilia $13,605

Lenny Mirra     $13,115

Brad Hill $12,965

Peter Durant $12,502

J. Barrows $12,389

Sheila Harrington $12,105

Matt Vieira $10,995

Kevin Kuros $9,425

Betty Poirier $9,069

Nick Boldyga $9,064

Sue Gifford $8,990

Don Wong $2,450

Kim Ferguson $250

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