Thanks to the Affordable Care Act my health insurance went up $700 per month

The Affordable Care Act.  One would think with a name like that the care would be ‘affordable’!  But alas it is not at all affordable.

I am working full time, but the organization can not afford to pay for my health insurance.  The organization is a non-profit and with only a handful of full time people the idea of paying a Blue Cross Blue Shield premium of $1600 per month for me is out of the question.  Besides, the health plan I have is better anyway.  I have Pilgrim Health Care, which has a monthly premium of $1,277 and a deductible of $1,000.  Not a bad plan and believe it or not I got it through the MA Health Connector.  Ya know – Romneycare.

Well, by law I am required to re enroll in a new health plan based on the federal legislation known as The Affordable Care Act.  i.e. Obamacare.  I kept hearing about how much the two health plans (Romneycare and Obamacare) were alike – in fact it helped win Obama a second term.  But I now realize they are nothing alike.  I have just found this out the hard way.

My wife and I filled in the application for a new health plan, because ours is going away on April 1st.  We went to the MA health connector website and answered a bunch of questions about whether or not anyone in the family is a convicted criminal.  One question was asked about our current policy.  The question was ‘Is your current policy unaffordable?’.  The answer, based on their premise that health insurance should not cost more than 10% of my income was ‘Yes’.  Yes, my current health plan is UNaffordable.  $1,277 per month is more than 10% of my income.  

Well today I received a brochure detailing my options for new coverage as I have not yet requested a new policy.  The brochure, designed for my wife and I, states that since our old policy with Harvard Pilgrim (Bronze 250) was going away on April 1st, the closest plan they could find through Harvard Pilgrim had a monthly premium of $1,975.06.  A $700 increase!  WTF!

How can this be?  The Affordable Care act is going to replace my old coverage with a similar plan that now costs $700 more?  How is this in any way, shape or form affordable?  They purposely asked me if my current insurance was unaffordable, and when I tell them it is they recommend a plan that is $700 more expensive?  How does this make sense?

Tomorrow I am planning to take a little time off from work in order to write to all MA Congressman.  I will include all the details of my situation.  I will ask them how it is they think this is an improvement in health options and what I am to do in order to cover my new $700 additional funding.  I am also going to write to Hiawatha Warren and cheapskate Ed Markey to see what their responses will be..

I will share their responses here…

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