Ryan Fattman to Run for State Senate Against Dick Moore

State Representative Ryan Fattman (R-Webster) told the State House News Service today that he is going to be announcing a run for State Senate against Richard Moore (D-Uxbridge).  The run has been rumored for some time, but this is the first concrete pronouncement by Fattman in the media that he will be running.  Mike Deehan of the News Service has the story.

Massachusetts state Rep. Ryan Fattman, a Republican from Sutton, will run this year for the Worcester and Norfolk Senate seat currently held by Sen. Richard Moore of Uxbridge.

“I’m definitely going to run for Senate, yes,” Fattman told the News Service Friday. The second-term lawmaker wouldn’t answer any further questions about his campaign after confirming the run, saying he will make a formal announcement next week.

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The race is shaping up to be one of the marquee battles in 2014.  Both Fattman and Moore have over $100,000 in their campaign accounts.  Fattman has proven to be a prolific fundraiser and has the second most amount of money of any House Republican.  

Running against an incumbent is nothing new to Fattman, in 2010 when everybody, including this blogger, thought Fattman was going to lose to an entrenched incumbent he pulled off a 53% win against Democrat Jennifer Callahan.  He did this through hard work and determination.  There is virtually nobody in the Commonwealth who campaigns harder than Fattman.

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During the decennial redistricting the Democratic leaders in the House, in an attempt to regain the seats held by Fattman and Kevin Kuros (R-Uxbridge) virtually flipped all of their districts.  With both representatives basically keeping their home towns and swapping all other municipalities.  

Despite the redistricting Ryan Fattman won his re-election fight garnering 70% of the vote against the Democratic Party’s hand picked opponent, Donald Bourque.

The Worcester and Norfolk Senate district is the most Republican leaning district in the Commonwealth.  Scott Brown won the district in the 2010 Special election with 65% of the vote, this total is higher than the 61% he received in his home district.  Charlie Baker got his highest percentage of votes in this district with 53%.

In the presidential election year of 2012 Mitt Romney narrowly lost the seat to Obama by a vote of 48% to 50%.  Scott Brown won the district against Elizabeth Warren 58% to 42%.  This shows the district is winnable by a Republican candidate even in a presidential year.  

In addition to the district’s strong propensity to elect Republicans at the state and national level, Fattman has represented nearly half of the voters of the district in the past four years.  He has shown he can win those towns, even against an incumbent.  

This is going to be the race to watch at the state senate level this cycle.  

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