Planned Parenthood: ‘Women need abortions for Valentine’s Day!’

“Oh V3PN, you are such an idiot, that is not what Planned Parenthood said, and you only embarrass yourself by spewing such silliness.”

Well, according to this source that is exactly what the President of Planned Parenthood said in a tweet.

However, for Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, men can skip the chocolates, the back rubs and the flowers, because what women really need most for Valentine’s day is a “safe abortion.”

Yup, nothing says I love you like having an unborn child ripped from your womb!  I must admit that I am having a tough time finding a Hallmark card that shares the sentiment.

Nice to know our tax dollars go to fund such ‘stuff’.  By the way, did you see the little footnote at the end of the article?  Planned Parenthood has performed 5.3 million abortion since 1970.  They must be so proud!

Imagine for a moment – the unborn child aborted in 1970 would be 44 years old today if left untouched.  44 years old is old enough to be mid career, have a home, a family and aspirations of retirement and grandchildren one day.  That child might have become a doctor or a scientist or a missionary to a far away land.  That child mild have cured a serious illness, or captured a wanted criminal, or been the President of the United States.  

But alas, those hopes and dreams don’t count because the mother didn’t feel like having a kid at the moment and decided instead to ‘terminate’ the pregnancy.  

5.3 million lives lost to abortion.  Think of it this way – if you were to line up all the aborted babies end to end it would stretch about 1,750 miles long.  That would be quite a sight, wouldn’t it!  I wonder if we paid liberals to bury them could we say they are shovel ready jobs?  

‘Damn you V3PN, nobody takes pleasure in having an absorption!’  Then why joke about giving them for Valentine’s Day?


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