Patronage Job Seeker Barbara L’Italien To Run for State Senate

“Those seeking to understand the buildup of voter anger and resentment at the entrenched political class need only examine the example of our own departing state Rep. Barbara L’Italien.”

“But shed no tears for L’Italien’s loss of her job. The former social worker is now in line for a [$100,000/year] senior leadership position in the state Treasury Department.”

“The naive might imagine that voters of the 18th Essex sent L’Italien to Beacon Hill to represent their interests. What rot! L’Italien was there [on Beacon Hill] to invest in her own political future.”

“The arrogance, the sense of entitlement, is quite overwhelming. It’s what happens when politicians lose sight of their role as citizen legislators and seek instead to serve themselves.” “It only took four terms for L’Italien to develop this exaggerated sense of her own importance. – Eagle Tribune Editorial – November 19, 2010

Barbara L’Italien (D-Andover/Self Interest) has announced that she is running for the State Senate seat formerly held by Barry Finegold.  The district includes Parts of Lawrence, Dracut, Andover, and Tewksbury.  After her loss to Jim Lyons in 2010, L’Italien got a patronage job worth $100K a year from Steve Grossman.  L’Italien, a social worker, had never worked in finance or anything to do with treasury related things.

Jim Lyons sent out a mailer (full disclosure – I helped design it) last cycle pretty much summing up Barbara’s record, you can see it after the jump.

Alex Vispoli is running for State Senate as a Republican.  In 2010 Barry Finegold almost lost the election, in 2014 this is a winnable seat.  Lets get behind Alex.

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