Part V: Inalienable Rights – Liberty!

Liberty is not a right reserved only for Kings.  It is not a right bestowed upon the privileged or by only those who can afford it.  Liberty is an inherent, sacred right of all men granted by the creator himself.  Second only to the right to life… it is liberty… that protects the latter.

Liberty makes a man uncontrollable.  It is what gives the oppressed… the sacred right to end their oppression.   And it is thru Liberty, that a man gains the sacred right… to pursue happiness… to preserve and protect what is rightfully his… his life, his family, his property, his religion and his dreams. It is thru liberty that a man has the ability to take control of his life… to build something from nothing.  To risk what he has today… in order to obtain a better more prosperous tomorrow.  

In the eyes of tyrants and majorities… it is Liberty… that makes an individual man so dangerous.

Many mistakenly confuse Democracy with Liberty.  I have often heard it said, that Democracy is as effective as 2 hungry wolves and 1 sheep trying to decide what is for dinner.  Liberty is the ability of the sheep to contest the vote.  The 2nd Amendment assures the Sheep lives for another day.

An average school child today thinks that Democracy is what we fight for… what America stands for. Our Presidents, current one included, give eloquent speeches on how America has a duty to spread and promote Democracy throughout the World.  Yet, how easily we forget the sins of so many Democracies.

You see… the Majority can very often be dangerous… very dangerous.  The Majority can vote themselves laws that benefit themselves… and hurt those who disagree with them.  They can vote the wealth away from some… and take that wealth for themselves.  They can vote away the establishment of your religion… they can vote away your property rights… they can even vote away your right to Liberty and to Life itself.  They can pass enough laws, raise enough armies and under their “Rule of Law”… kill you.

Now you may think this extreme… but few mention the atrocities done under the rule of Majorities… who always control a Democracy.  Too often, it is a corrupt democracy that often seeks the suppression of an individual’s freedoms and leads to the imprisonment of those who were born or think differently than the majority.  Democracy, where the Majority rules, has led to the genocide of the Jewish people in the 30’s and 40’s.  People forget Hitler was elected.  And even as the world screamed “Never Again”…  Majorities continue to cause additional genocides.  In just the past 20 years we can all remember Bosnia, Rwanda and right this very moment… Christian minorities being slaughtered in Syria.

Democracy is not sacred… Liberty is.  It is Liberty that allows a single individual to make a difference.  The Liberty of a single man is the great equalizer of tyrannies and dictatorships in the realm of history.  It is the Liberty of Free Men that takes down tyrants, dethrones kings and changes corrupt democracies into governments truly representative of its entire people.  

The founding fathers of America knew this… that is why they created America as a Republic.  They feared Mob Rule. That is why they created the Bill of Rights… and our Constitution.

Our Constitution guarantees sacred rights and liberties to all citizens within our country.  Rich or Poor… Black or White…  Christian or Jew…  Minority or Majority…  The Constitution is the only law in America that prevents us from falling into an abyss of anarchy, servitude and genocide.

And as we awaken from our long slumber and reclaim the Liberty that is rightfully ours, we come to the realization that with Liberty comes great responsibility.  That in order to avoid chaos… from individuals doing whatever they want in the name of Liberty… the personal and state recognition… that my Liberties end when they directly infringe upon your same Liberties.

And so we once again use as our guide… our common commitment to each other… the mutual declaration of beliefs and rights, written so long ago… in our US Constitution.  

Summed up…

Live and let live.  Peace to all.

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