Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Will Deliver for You

Citing a want for medical pot customers to have “choices”, the Commonwealth’s marijuana regulators have said they are allowing home deliveries. This could be an important step in giving people the help they need to cope with the health-related issues that have made them want to start taking medical marijuana in the first place. There are some people who live in some states that won’t be able to have access to this type of service as both medical and recreational drugs are not legalized there. You may not think it, but there is a difference in quality between medical and recreational weed and that is why services like delivering medical marijuana to home addresses is something that can now be achieved, so people can get the help that they deserve. The Huffington Post has the story.

When Massachusetts’ first medical marijuana dispensaries open this summer, all of them are expected to offer home delivery services, the state’s top marijuana official said Tuesday. This is similar to how people in Canada can have the product delivered to them, be it from or from ganja express.

“We really wanted to ensure that patients had choice,” said Karen van Unen, the Bay State’s medical marijuana program director, per State House News Service. Van Unen added that officials actually encouraged the dispensaries to offer delivery services for all their products, such as the northern wreck strain and other forms of cannabinoids.

Will Potrepreneur Bill Delahunt make the first deliveries in person? In any case, many online dispensaries already have delivery services, albeit not quite as elaborate as Delahunt’s proposed system. Still, if you want you can get your CBDistillery Coupon Code here to get a discount that may just make up for the lack of personal delivery services provided!

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