It is past time for Jean Yang to resign from the Health Connector

“These people came here to lead and innovate, and instead they’re doing manual workarounds, and they are embarrassed to tell friends and family that they work for the Health Connector,” Yang said at the board meeting. – (Boston Globe online 2/13/2014)

As the Boston Herald reported earlier this week, the development of the new Health Connector website was fraught with mismanagment from the beginning.  There was no leadership shown by the Connector, the administration or CGI.  

Meanwhile, infighting between MassHealth and Commonwealth Connector Authority officials became so intense that the state asked CGI to hold separate meetings with them, according to the document.

Meetings on just one component of the site were delayed between October 2012 and the following January because MassHealth and the Connector “had differing views about the content made available,” according to a February 2013 work change request.

Delays created by duplicate meetings mounted as the state put off important decision-making. In one case, CGI reported that 80 action items in November 2012 were overdue for the state’s response, one document states.

One MassHealth official complained of “too many meetings on everyone’s calendar and requested to slow down the scheduling of meetings,” according to a work change request.

The inability of everyone involved to play in the same sandbox caused the poor performance of the site.  If, as the above quote says, the employees of the Connector Authority came to lead, the fell far short of that goal, and now are paying the consequences.  

Yang told the Connector Board that she felt bad that she needed to discipline employees, the Globe reported.

“We have to work harder,” she said. “That means I need tell the staff members they’re not doing a good enough job and I’m telling them that, even though they have been doing this tirelessly for months, and they’re exhausted.”

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Through her actions at today’s board meeting, Jean Yang has proven she does not have the ability to lead the organization.  It is past time for her to resign or be fired by the board.  As Blue Mass Group said earlier this week, there are lives depending on it.

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