Herald’s Cohen calls on Patrick to Lead or Resign

In yesterday’s Boston Herald columnist and Herald Radio host Adriana Gale Cohen is the first person, in print, to call for Deval Patrick’s resignation.  Cohen makes the case that Patrick doesn’t seem to care about governing, or the people’s lives that are in jeopardy due to his leadership style.

If the DCF isn’t gutted and rebuilt with new management, there’s a high probability more kids will either die, fall through the cracks or be abused in its system.

If the state’s health care website isn’t fixed ASAP, or the commonwealth given a waiver from the ACA, sick Bay State residents could die or suffer further due to a lack of medical coverage. Both tragic and preventable with the right leadership.

Bottom line: The governor should step up, 
or step down. Lives depend on it.

A bold move. Do you agree?

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