Health Connector to spend $326G a day to fix website

The Boston Herald is reporting that the Massachusetts Health Connector is going to spend $326G per day to fix a still non-functioning health exchange.  That means in 11 days they will spend more than the entire development cost of the original Health Connector website.

Taxpayers will shell out up to $326,000 a day over the next month to health care IT contractor Optum as it ramps up its planned rescue of the botched Bay State Obamacare website – while state officials scramble to enroll Bay Staters in health insurance by a March deadline.

“This situation is getting sadder by the day, as there is still no plan on how to fix the site, 129 days into open en- roll- ment,” said health care expert Joshua Archambault of the Pioneer Institute. “Blame should be spread from the private contractor CGI all the way up to the Corner Office.”

Health Connector officials yesterday announced they are hiring Minnesota-based Optum to conduct repairs on the site throughout the year as needed – with $9.8 million due for just the first 30 days of work. State officials don’t have an estimate of what the total price tag will be, but said it will be covered by federal grants.

“Covered by federal grants”, that as we know is Beacon Hill speak for virtually free. As reported by Red Mass Group the RomneyCare compliant website only cost the state $3.45 Million.  It is time, as Charlie Baker has consistently said, for Massachusetts to get a waiver.

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