Guess Who’s Running for US Senate? (Hint: MA-5, Added Vine. . . )

This just in, posted on Facebook.

Frank Addivinola, born in Malden, working in Boston, is running for US Senate against Ed “Where do I live? Somewhere Maryland” Markey.

I was a big supporter of his run for Markey's Congressional seat in the Malden/Medford region last December.

Now, he can run against Markey himself. Addivinola has some (no, many!) advantages compared to Brian Herr: supports the Second Amendment in full.

 Widespread business experience, lawyer, college instructor, small businessman (an unrepresented minority in Massachusetts, to be sure!) Fiscally responsible and socially conservative, too. And he has run for office before. Hopefully, his prior ground game can step into play and expand for the US Senate run this year! In the words of one Rhode Island conservative, Addivinola is “red meat” — the real constitutional conservative deal, compared to an awful slew of waffles, purples, and RINOs.

Massachusetts Republicans and Conservatives have a better candidate in Addivinola instead of Brian Herr.

 If the right coalitions come together this year, a true Red Mass Candidate can advance to the general election and give Markey a real race.

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