Documents Show Connector Authority Wanted to Build A Rolls Royce of and Exchange, They Got a Yugo

The Boston Herald has obtained documents surrounding the building of the Massachusetts Health Care Exchange 2.0.  They show a focus on spending money to build a website that did more than was needed. They also show that the whole enterprise was doomed from the start.

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nfighting among top Patrick administration 
officials and an obsession with building “the absolute Rolls-Royce of any health exchange” helped doom Massachusetts’ $69 million Obamacare website, which was plagued by disastrous delays as far back as March 2012, according to new documents obtained by the Herald and interviews with project staffers.

The stunning revelations show how state officials
canceled meetings, accepted project delays early on and agonized over decisions – sometimes forcing Gov. Deval Patrick’s Cabinet secretaries “to duke it out because people couldn’t get any decisions made,” according to a person with knowledge of the project.

The delays started right out of the gate. The state originally planned for website construction to start in March 2012, but didn’t even ink a contract with Canadian developer CGI until July 2012.

One month later, state officials made clear to CGI they wanted to build “the absolute Rolls-Royce of any health exchange,” the person close to the project said.

Time and time again, we learn that with the Patrick Administration the day to day functioning of government is overlooked for grandiose plans, and social experimentation.  Unfortunately time and time again, when we learn this, Patrick spouts a lie and the media buys it.  

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  • Clearly the naming convention for the Rolls Royce of exchanges we could use existing Rolls Royce names, like The Phantom, The Wraith, or the Ghost. All vapid non-existent mythological beings. I might add a few to the list, “The Rolls Royce Easter Bunny” perhaps.

    But we got the Yugo. What would this model be called. Prior Yugo names like the Yugo 65, the Yugo Cabrio, and the Yugo GV don’t seem to fit.

    I propose we call it ……

    THE YUGO ScrewYourself

    Struggling under the yoke of a communist government, they managed to eek out a barely running vehicle, stealing ideas and technology from other socialist states, they created a legendary flop. I do see the resemblance.

    The Yugo ScrewYourself, coming to a doctor’s office near you.

    If you like you’re premature death, you can keep it.

    –Shreder out —

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    You have all missed the perfectly obvious car name for the Massachusetts health care exchange..

    It ought to be ‘Nova’.  Which, of course in Spanish, means ‘it doesn’t go’.  

    A second possible car name would be ‘Edsel’, which happened to be one of the most researched and innovative cars ever planned, but once it rolled off the assembly line was an unmitigated disaster.

    So take your choice of Nova or Edsel.