Deval Patrick Says Obama Has Not Done Enough to Sell Obamacare

According to POLITICO, Deval Patrick thinks Barack Obama has not done enough to sell Obamacare to the people of America.

Asked if the White House had done enough to win over the public on the ACA, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick replied: “The short answer is no.”

Patrick said he didn’t mean that as a “critique” of the president, but he’s not the only governor who would like to see the White House do more…

…As for Patrick, he said he was only noting that there hasn’t been a sustained effort to promote the ACA of the sort Massachusetts health care reformers assembled during the state’s 2006 overhaul.

“We had this coalition of business and labor, policymakers, the medical industry, patient advocates and so on, who helped invent health care reform and then stuck together to refine it and improve it,” recalled Patrick, who is leaving office next year after two terms. “It’s not a critique; it’s an observation that not only did we sell it, but we had allies in selling it. I think the president hasn’t had those advantages.”

Patrick completely glosses over the fact that Massachusetts also shows why Obamacare is a disaster.

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