Brian Herr for US Senate(?) Or Gabriel Gomez Encore

Despite recently-elected US Senator Edward “Maryland” Markey’s relatively low favorability numbers and name recognition, the only name in to run against Markey is Republican selectman Brian Herr of Hopkinton, an outsider. Sounds good, since Markey is as inside as it gets.

Herr chooses not to take sides, and staying outside of the fray, the candidate blames Washington, which certainly includes Republican along with Democrats. Playing the “dysfunction” card, Herr apparently has no regard for the US Constitution, both spirit and letter. The Framers created a form of government driven by dysfunction.

Then Herr declares: “It’s time for a change.” Do you feel the tingle go up your leg on that one? Every candidate launching a campaign automatically sends that message. Vote for me, not for him. That’s change, Brian!

Reporting on Herr’s campaign, ( published a slap in the face to Massachusetts conservatives:

Like many Republicans in Massachusetts, Herr is a fiscal conservative who is liberal on social issues.

Herr could have challenged that offensive idea in the report, but since he’s more about running for something rather than standing for the full platform of the Republican Party, no one should be surprised.

The article then outlines Herr as supporting abortion rights and gay marriage as a matter of equal rights.

Excuse me? Since when was terminating the life inside of a pregnant mother an absolute right? What about one’s right to life, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the right from which all other rights depend? As for marriage, a commitment of two people as one is not a right to begin with. Different classes have been excluded from entering into marriage (so far).

With so many liberal marks against Markey’s first proposed challenger, what makes Herr the guy to run as a Republican?

Herr touts his fiscal conservatism. He also recognizes individuals’ right to protect themselves and their property, yet he then argues that since the Second Amendment was passed centuries ago, new laws must curtail modern weapons. His flawed gun control argument ignores that the Second Amendment defends our rights from an encroaching federal government.

Brian Herr is another Gabriel Gomez waffle.

With a liberal stance on abortion (at least Gomez was pro-life), and supporting gay marriage as “equal rights”, plus his distasteful stance on gun control, Herr has lighter skin, and lighter credentials.

When will statewide candidates give up on playing Democrat to win?  

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