Another Justina? WV Mom Moves to Mass and Her Son is Taken by DCF & Children’s Hosptal

I was just forwarded an email from Kathleen McClung, of West Virgina.  According to her email, the McClung family moved to Massachusetts after falling on hard times, and becoming homeless.  Her, now 8 year old, son has renal (kidney) failure.  She was taking the son to Boston Children’s Hospital when things went horribly wrong.  

McClung states that her Pittsburgh Doctor vouched for her fitness as a mother, and her ability to stick to a strict regimen for her son.  Nevertheless, Children’s Hospital worked with DCF to take another – out of state child – from his parents and gave him to DCF.

The Department of Children and Families, then allegedly, has put the child up for adoption.  Mrs. McClung has moved in with family in New Hampshire to keep her daughter out of the grasp of DCF.  

You can read her email after the jump.  If you know anybody who you think can help Mrs. McClung please contact me at I will make sure that I forward the contact information to Mrs. McClung.

I want to believe that this is not overreach by Children’s Hosptial and DCF.  That there are perfectly good explanations to all of this.  One case, however, is interesting.  Two cases is odd, and the now six cases I’ve heard of where Children’s Hospital works with DCF to take Children from out of state parents is a pattern.  

My name is Kathleen McClung, I am from Fairmont WV, and my 8 year old son was taken by DCF March 20th, 2013. He is being put up for adoption.

My trial begins April 7th in Lowell, MA.

I took my son, February 1st [2013] to Boston Children’s Hospital, as a renal (kidney) failure patient. We came from a wonderful hospital in Pittsburgh, to be near family when we ended up homeless last year.

Our doctor,  in Pittsburgh spoke out for us, when we were accused of medical neglect in less than 50 days under the care of Boston Children’s Hospital Nephrology. The day they took my son, the ER doctor documented that by son was medically stable and well.

The following day they went to the Lowell juvenile court, and started my son was in life threatening medical crisis, asking with a four page affidavit, stating I failed to give my son life sustaining treatment daily (which I proved by the machines log he did receive), of not maintaining a renal diet, which had since been proven I did. And not giving my son his medication, of being RUDE & BELLIGERENT, and Aggressive.

October 2 the changed the goal to adoption, without cause.

June 6 after the months in isolation on 10 south in children’s hospital Boston, they moved my then seven year old son to their locked psych unit Bater 5, where he stayed until Oct 29th when he was moved into pre adoptive placement with the foster family in Boston.

I have had parenting, pysch, and drug evals proving I am fit, as has my husband, shortly after the d cf worker threatened my daughter we moved to Nashua NH or[sp, out] of their reach, living with my uncle.

I am asking for help, so much has happened in this year so many abuses towards my son and family and i can not seem to get anyone to listen. The hospital started they will refuse my son a life saving treatment if he returns to me, a kidney transplant.

But if he stays in dcf custody the heart damage and mental abuse he has received under their care is going to be the least of it. I am afraid, i want my son home he wants to be home.

We have done nothing wrong but come to Boston please please help my family. No one else will.

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