State Rep. Henriquez Should Resign

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Governor, Mayor & Legislative Leaders Should Push for Resignation

Boston, MA: Today, per news reports, State Representative Henriquez (D-5th Suffolk) was convicted by a jury of six on two counts of assault and battery for an incident that involved a female victim.

“Rep. Henriquez isn’t fit to serve in the Legislature, and we should expect a higher standard than what’s on display. It’s time Rep. Henriquez put the interests of Dorchester ahead of his own and resign the seat that belongs to the people of the 5th Suffolk district. They have an opportunity to start fresh if he steps down and a special election can be held on April 1st,” stated Paul D. Craney, Executive Director of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“It’s time for the Governor, new Mayor of Boston and legislative leaders to publicly call for Rep. Henriquez to step down,” concluded Craney.


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  • geo999

    Is this thug still collecting a state paycheck?

  • Right after he was arrested for this assault in 2012, Rep Henriquez led a press conference of criminal rights activists opposing Melissa’s Law (which increased penalties for repeat, violent offenders).  These criminal rights activists had no sense of shame or embarrassment that their main spokesman was himself a violent criminal.  And it doesn’t surprise me that Henriquez has expressed no remorse for his own crimes. With these people it’s always someone else’s fault.