So much for the POLAR VORTEX…

Climate Change deniers like V3PN love to make posts on really cold days screaming about how silly the notion of “global warming” is.  Their little brains can’t grasp much more than one day of weather in forming their world view.

But to those who appreciate “trends” that are longer than one day, I just wanted to point out that the COLD that we experienced from the polar vortex earlier this month has been off-set by the long stretch of above normal temperatures.  According to the print version of today’s Globe, the average daily temp for the year to date (Jan 16th) is 29.8 degrees vs the historic average of 29.2 degrees.  So despite the polar vortex, we are currently having a warm month of January overall.

Of course I realize that I have sunken to the same imbecile level of using a two and one-half week time span to talk about the decades long process of climate change.  But sometimes you have to use 2nd grade level examples to try and teach those with a first grade level of thinking.


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