Shawn Dooley Special Election Results Dooley Wins With 61% of vote

Stay tuned here for results as they become available.

Folks on the ground were very encouraged all day.

MassGOP sources confirm Shawn Dooley wins with 61% of vote in 3 way race.  The democrat got 18% of vote.

Congrats Rep Elect Dooley.

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  1. That’s sweet.

  2. around to understand the virtues of a two-party system.

  3. 5th Middlesex (Katherine Clark (D)- Elected to Congress)

    April 1st

    Pick up opportunity, but I don’t think there is a GOP candidate yet. Bunch of Dem Reps and Selectman running though.

    13th Suffolk (Marty Walsh (D)- Elected to Mayor)

    April 1st

    No Chance.

    4th Hampden (Don Humason (R)- Elected to St. Senate)

    April 1st

    Westfield City Councilor Dan Allie (R) for the hold.

    16th Suffolk (Kathi Reinstein (D)- Elected to Beer)


    There’s a guy running Todd Taylor (R-Chelsea)? Its a 63%O seat. 54% for Brown 2010. 43% for Brown 2012. Ouch.

    2nd Suffolk (Eugene O’Flaherty (D)- To join Walsh)


    No Chance.

  4. 2014 could be a good year. Out here there are two Republicans running for Stephen Brewer’s Senate seat. James Erhard of Sturbridge, and Mike Valenzola of Wales.

    My choice is Erhard.

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