Shawn Dooley Special Election Results Dooley Wins With 61% of vote

Stay tuned here for results as they become available.

Folks on the ground were very encouraged all day.

MassGOP sources confirm Shawn Dooley wins with 61% of vote in 3 way race.  The democrat got 18% of vote.

Congrats Rep Elect Dooley.

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  1. That’s sweet.

  2. around to understand the virtues of a two-party system.

  3. 5th Middlesex (Katherine Clark (D)- Elected to Congress)

    April 1st

    Pick up opportunity, but I don’t think there is a GOP candidate yet. Bunch of Dem Reps and Selectman running though.

    13th Suffolk (Marty Walsh (D)- Elected to Mayor)

    April 1st

    No Chance.

    4th Hampden (Don Humason (R)- Elected to St. Senate)

    April 1st

    Westfield City Councilor Dan Allie (R) for the hold.

    16th Suffolk (Kathi Reinstein (D)- Elected to Beer)


    There’s a guy running Todd Taylor (R-Chelsea)? Its a 63%O seat. 54% for Brown 2010. 43% for Brown 2012. Ouch.

    2nd Suffolk (Eugene O’Flaherty (D)- To join Walsh)


    No Chance.

  4. 2014 could be a good year. Out here there are two Republicans running for Stephen Brewer’s Senate seat. James Erhard of Sturbridge, and Mike Valenzola of Wales.

    My choice is Erhard.

  5. for the “Katherine Clark” seat. Even Democrats believe she will be running. Medieros just won an at-large council city in Melrose.

  6. I would have rated these elections the same way.

    The seat Katherine Clark was previously held by Richard Tisei.  Granted, he was a RINO’s RINO, but he was still a Republican.  I think a good candidate could potentially pick it up.

    As for Beer Lady’s old district, the good news is that it is the second most Republican house district in Suffolk County, behind Bob DeLeo’s 19th Suffolk District.  The bad news is that it is still a D+18 district.

    4th Hampden was rated an R+4 and has been held by Republicans since 1978.  Steve Pierce (Weld’s Primary Opponent in 1990) served there from 1979 to 1991.

  7. Better to to lose while building inroads than not run at all.  

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