Patrick’s Health Connector Solution? Clipboards and Stoops… No Really…

Earlier today Red Mass Group reported that John McDonough, former Executive Director of Health Care for All questioned Patrick’s sincerity in trying to fix the Health Connector Exchange.  The exchange which went from the first in the nation to last in the nation for performance after spending $11M of $69M.  This afternoon the State House News Service asked the Governor about McDonough’s comments.  

McDonough described Patrick’s brief call to fix the Connector site “unacceptable,” adding, “I can’t name a single Massachusetts official who is leveling with the public on this national embarrassment. From what I hear, second and third hand, four months into this disaster, the Patrick Administration has no plan.”

Gov. Deval Patrick on Thursday fired back, calling McDonough a “great guy” but suggesting he was in no position to assess the administration’s response. “He’s a long way away to be able to tell anything,” Patrick told the News Service.

Patrick said his administration would continue to deliver health care services to residents of Massachusetts, regardless of the status of the Connector’s website.

“The folks who are worried about the website, yeah, it’s concerning, but the website is not the main event and I’ve said that over and over again. People are not going to fall through any crack. They’re going to be covered if what it takes to work around failings of our private vendor is to have people sit on folks front stoops with a clipboard and make sure they’re signed up,” Patrick said.

The News Service also published video of the Governor’s remarks.

The Governor’s hand picked choice to run the Health Connector Authority has presided over our Commonwealth going from leading the nation to being last in the nation for exchange performance.  This isn’t a small thing, it is a major problem and sums up his administration completely. His leadership causes things to go awry, and he behaves like it is not his fault, like he had no control and then rides in on his stallion to fix it.  

Governor Patrick has been Governor for seven years, these failings are his, and his alone. It is time he owns up to them.

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