New Study: Smoking makes your kids gay!

You read that headline correctly – ‘smoking can make your kids gay’.  This was the determination of a new study from Amsterdam University.  

This is what people call science:

Dick Swaab, professor of neurobiology at Amsterdam University, suggests drinking and taking drugs can lower a child’s IQ while taking synthetic hormones and smoking can increase the likelihood of girls being lesbians or bisexual.

Love the guy’s name – says so much doesn’t it?  Dick Swaab!  

So in a nutshell – a scientist at a major university makes the claim that when a pregnant woman smokes cigarettes, the child stands a better chance of being gay.  Case closed – we can now cure homosexuality with a patch of some sort….

Or can a scientist be wrong?  I don’t know about you, but I am so f*ckin tired of scientists coming out with bullsh*t studies that it makes me sick.  But all that needs to have happen is for some nerdy PHD with a lab coat and a sphygmomanometer around his neck to make a wild claim and people start running crazy in all directions.  From now on if a scientist claims to have discovered something tell him/her to shove it.  The next time they say ‘the earth has a fever’ or ‘homosexuality is caused by smoking’ or ‘people cause global warming’ or some other silliness we should all ignore them…

Or is this scientist correct in his assertion that smoking causes homosexuality?  And if so the government’s efforts to make people stop smoking is somehow an attempt to destroy the gay community and purge society of these people.  So what is it?  Should we believe scientists?  Should we ignore scientists?  Is this guy right or is he crazy?  

Somehow I can’t believe that liberals will line up behind this guy in support, but had he made the claim that driving SUVs gave the planet a fever they would be kissing his ass and asking for more….

I happen to think he is wrong…  

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