My name is Joe Sheehan and I’m supporting Charlie Baker

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Much to every mother’s horror, when I was growing up I always managed to get a fat lip, black eye, or some other hilarious disfigurement the week of school picture day. I couldn’t help it. Despite being a runty little kid, I always liked a fight and getting in trouble. After every school yard bruising though, I would always walk away liking the other guy even if he got the better of me. Perhaps that explains this: after a pretty rough first meeting, I really like Charlie Baker. It doesn’t help me much to remind anyone what a general pain in the ass I was a couple of years ago, but I feel compelled to say all of this because… I really like Charlie Baker, I was wrong about him, and we need to do whatever we can to help make him Governor.

Why? Character. Charlie Baker has a strong measure of character and decency that have left a strong impression upon me. Charlie has no reason to say anything kind to me after my harsh, cheap opposition to his earlier candidacy. Yet every time I see him at an event, despite our past differences he goes out of his way to thank me on my decision to put on the uniform and express his encouragement. Moments of humility and class like this are pretty rare in politics. His willingness to stand up for an 18 year old kid, Evan Kenney, who was getting squeezed out of a slot to the RNC -also speak strongly to the kind of character he has and would bring to the office. ‘The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching’ it is said. The press will never capture these moments, but they show a guy who has character and integrity, that I’m proud to support.

Why should conservatives support him? He has earned our goodwill and respect. For the past few years Charlie has sacrificed time away from his family and his job to help our candidates across the state in their effort for better government. He’s been there for events with guys like Paul Adams, Brad Wyatt, and Don Humason and countless others -solid conservative candidates who fight hard to keep two party government alive in this state. He has shown remarkable dedication in this task and has done so and been there across our state, in good faith.

Charlie Baker will at times disagree with us, but he will be a competent Governor that will make us proud.  Republicans need to show we are a viable alternative and have an answer to the complete dysfunction that we have seen lately. Unlike Democrat leaders nationally and locally, Charlie can govern and show our state what leadership looks like. Whether he agrees with those more conservative or not, he also has a common goal in the kind of reforms we need in order to get our state on the right track. Rob has shown in numerous posts here how the Health Connector and various other agencies of government use our tax dollars to further unfair, egregious political activity and to reward allies. I’m confident that a Baker administration would see an end to the special interest and political-outfit giveaways. Draining the swamp of special interests in Massachusetts will require the Corner Office and for diverse coalition to be united and disciplined in this pursuit.

As you’ve probably heard, I’m working on some stuff of my own as of late -but more on that later. For now it is important that we all get out and help Charlie.

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