Governor Patrick, is this the main event? Despite paying residents still without insurance.

Yesterday Deval Patrick reminded us that in his mind the health care exchange, where people can purchase and pay for Health Insurance, “is not the main event”.  He is adamant that getting people insurance is.  Well it seems that the state can’t even do that.  The Boston Globe has the story:

Hannah Orestis has no health coverage, despite her best efforts. The 27-year-old nurse from Marlborough selected a plan that was supposed to start in January through the Massachusetts Health Connector Authority, which runs the state’s insurance marketplace. She mailed a check Dec. 24, but it was never cashed.

Orestis has spent hours on the phone with state customer service representatives trying to find out what happened and how to fix it. She said she has been told repeatedly to expect a call from a supervisor that never comes. She has asked for help from the governor’s office, with little effect.

The botched relaunch of the Connector’s website last fall, done to comply with the federal Affordable Care Act, left state leaders scrambling to get people the insurance they need, including moving tens of thousands of people who may qualify for subsidies into temporary plans. But an untold number of people who, like Orestis, applied for Connector plans without financial assistance have not gotten coverage, because their payments were lost or somehow never linked to their accounts.

The story goes on to list more people – anecdotes in Deval Patrick’s world – who have tried to pay for their health care coverage but can’t.  

This is a situation that will take leadership, not snark to finish.  No amount of people on stoops with clipboards is going to fix this latest failing of the Deval Patrick administration.

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