Globe: Health Connector Knew Site Had Problems Months Before Launch

The Boston Globe is reporting that the Massachusetts Health Connector knew there were problems with the transition to an Obamacare compliant website, months before launch.

Massachusetts officials knew in July, three months before the launch of the state’s ill-fated health insurance website, that the technology company in charge was far behind on building the site and that there was “a substantial and likely risk” it would not be ready, according to a state official’s memo.

The website launched on Oct. 1 was incomplete and riddled with errors that frustrated consumers, blocked some from getting coverage, and required the state to move tens of thousands of people whose applications could not be processed into temporary insurance programs.

The head of the Massachusetts Health Connector Authority, which runs the insurance marketplace, was copied on the July memo. But the executive director, Jean Yang, and her staff never told the Connector board during its monthly public meetings that the project was off track, according to meeting minutes.

The Globe is saying that Yang hid the problems with the website from her board.  At every step of this process the Connector and Administration tried to downplay the problems with the website which had a 20 x more expensive price tag than the Commonwealth’s original exchange.  

The question remains, why does Executive Director Yang still have the confidence of the Governor and her board?

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