Get a hold of this one folks: Deval’s Cape Wind ships jobs overseas

(Cape Wind finds Massachusetts Manufacturing too expensive, and goes to Europe for turbine towers. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Moreover there’s the political lie that helped Deval against Charlie in 2010. It’s from the New York Times so it must be true! 😉

In 2010, Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, in a tight re-election race at the time, nudged the deal forward and then joined Mr. Horstmann to announce it at the opening of a plant to test turbine blades in Boston. “This agreement between Cape Wind, Mass Tank and EEW will create hundreds of new manufacturing jobs in Massachusetts as we take the lead on offshore wind energy in the United States,” Governor Patrick said at the time, according to a statement. “This is what our clean energy future is all about.”

By April 2011, under a joint venture named East Coast Offshore Fabricators, or Eco Fab, the partners submitted their proposal to Cape Wind in the hope of signing a $137 million contract.

But Cape Wind’s president, Jim Gordon, rejected the proposal as too expensive.

“Then things got quiet,” said Randy Kupferberg, Mass Tank’s chief operating officer.

What kind of lead are we taking in Massachusetts, Governor? Oh yes the kind of crony capitalism that forces consumers to underwrite more expensive alt-energy.

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