Days after “Klan” Controversy, Gabriel Gomez snubs Baker and Donates to Independent “McKormick”

Just days after alluding that conservative activists are members of the Ku Klux Klan” former US Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez (?-Massachusetts) donated $500, the maximum allowed by law, to independent progressive Jeffrey McCormick (OCPF).  The donation was recorded by McCormick’s (McCormick, McKormick what difference does it make) campaign on December 28, 2013.  Gomez has not donated to Charlie Baker. So much for fighting to protect Baker from scary Republicans.

McCormick reported raising around $69,000 with $50,000 of that being his own personal money.

McCormick, while running as an independent is a major contributor to Democrats nationally.  As Red Mass Group previously reported, McCormick has a long history of supporting Democratic and progressive causes.

McCormick has hired, “Republican Strategist” Todd Domke – as an aside has Domke worked for a GOP candidate in Mass in 20 years? – who went on WATD to sing McCormick’s praises with Malone.  There is an interesting connection between McCormick and Malone that has yet gone unreported.  

Since 2007 McCormick has donated over $70,000 to federal candidates.  Almost all of which has gone to Democrats.  

In 2007 McCormick Donated $2,250 to the Barack Obama Campaign.

In 2009 McCormick Donated $500 to the Alan Khazei campaign, $500 to the Patrick Murphy for Congress Campaign, and $30,400 to the Democratic National Committee.

In 2011 McCormick donated $25,200 to the Democratic National Committee.

In 2012 McCormick donated $5000 to Tim Kane for Virginia, Kaine is a former Democratic National Committee Chairman; $2,500 to Joe Kennedy for Congress, and $250 to Robert Menendez for Senate.

That is a total of over $65,000 to Democrats in four years.  There were two Republicans that McCormick donated to in that same time period. Both probably on personal friendships.

The first was $2500 in 2011 – offset you’ll remember by a $25,200 donation to the DNC – to Mitt Romney, a fellow venture capitalist.  

The second was Joe Malone, whom he donated $2,400 to in 2010.  

Is Gabriel Gomez gearing up to run as the LG candidate for McCormick?  Aren’t we already going to have a ticket with two Obama supporters on it?

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  • I’m sure Gomez donated to our slate of GOP candidates for State Senate and State Representative though! He’s always been a big donor of all things Republican in the past. We should thank him for helping jump-start many legislative campaigns across the Commonwealth.

    **Please note my sarcasm**

  • The story here (and maybe headline should be changed) is not so much that Gomez donated to an Obama supporter (himself being one) – it’s that he essentially just slapped Charlie Baker in the face.

    Gomez ran for the United States Senate as a Republican. And then he donates money to the Republican’s opponent? This is the exact equivalent of donating to Cahill. And there is certainly no one who is calling Baker a Klansman (maybe some extreme leftists). As in, Baker is the establishment candidate! And it was that exact establishment who put Gomez in as the nominee above too vastly superior candidates.

    Wow – I would actually put this as far bigger news than the Klan remark. That one is inside politics – as in, most “normal” people simply do not care, or have no idea what that means. But this one is a big deal. This is a race that is happening. This is one that will sting. “Former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate does not support Charlie Baker”. Ouch!

  • Newton4G

    is now backing Charlie “I’m to the left of Barack Obama and I wish more people would appreciate it” Baker.

  • The Ivy League spelling errors continue….. Really, would it hurt us or help us if Gabriel Gomez goes for LG with McCormick?  I’m not sure.

  • Here is a letter from an unnamed MA GOP member passed along by a local Republican Committee chair (during the 2012 election), basically ostracizing those of us with principles and blaming the parties failures on US.

    “It has been quite some time since I have sent you anything.  I have not been involved in the Gomez campaign, as I have been otherwise engaged and dealing with a few minor health issues.

    Recently, I have seen a few emails that originated with Republicans who have chosen to disparage the efforts of Gomez.  Apparently Gabriel Gomez does not pass their litmus tests for being a proper candidate.  These people suggest that you should not vote for Gomez, but rather leave your ballot blank.  This is tantamount to not voting at all and is something that may be even worse than failing to participate.  If your chosen candidate fails in a primary, do you take your ball and go home?  No, you suck it up and go with the majority.  

    I will freely admit that my first choice was Dan Winslow.  Gomez won the primary, so I will now support Gomez.  I am not going to a campaign office to do cold calls today, but I am going to call my friends and relatives and speak with my neighbors to make sure that they realize that there is an election Tuesday and to ask them to vote for Gomez.

    This email will go to about 450 people, two thirds of whom are unenrolled voters.  I would suggest that the Republicans consider reigning in the culture warriors in their ranks.  They only hurt the party and drive the normal people away.  The Republican party is in danger of becoming a footnote in Massachusetts politics.  There can be a resurgence of the party, but that will not happen without a purge of the more radical elements of the party.  The haters need to be muzzled and Reagan’s eleventh commandment needs to be enforced.

    The 300 or so unenrolled voters who will receive this message are the key to Markey’s defeat.  No side, neither left nor right, can win without the unenrolled voters.  We unenrolled voters have the power now that we outnumber the official enrollment of the two major parties combined.  I would urge all my unenrolled brethren to hit the phones today and speak to your friends, relatives and neighbors.  Make sure they know that there is an election Tuesday, you will be amazed how many do not, and ask them to support Gabriel Gomez.

    Attached hereto is a message from Dan Winslow.  Dan was my first choice.  When he lost the primary, he did not take his ball and go home.  Dan rolled up his sleeves and helped row the boat.  His is the example to which we need pay heed.  Leave the haters and their sour grapes in the dust bin where they belong.

    As always, if you should desire to be removed from this email list, just let me know and I will remove you immediately.”

    How’s that RINO strategy working out for you guys now, eh? Maybe it’s not us “extremists” bringing the party down?

  • $500 is nothing.  Gomez has in the past donated to friends and on behalf of friends (specifically to Alan Khazei in 2009 who McCormick also donated to).  This could be the case again instead of it being a snub or an indicator that he’s leaving the party.

  • defending Gomez. Turning his back on a centrist Republican like Baker is just nonsense.