Days after “Klan” Controversy, Gabriel Gomez snubs Baker and Donates to Independent “McKormick”

Just days after alluding that conservative activists are members of the Ku Klux Klan” former US Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez (?-Massachusetts) donated $500, the maximum allowed by law, to independent progressive Jeffrey McCormick (OCPF).  The donation was recorded by McCormick’s (McCormick, McKormick what difference does it make) campaign on December 28, 2013.  Gomez has not donated to Charlie Baker. So much for fighting to protect Baker from scary Republicans.

McCormick reported raising around $69,000 with $50,000 of that being his own personal money.

McCormick, while running as an independent is a major contributor to Democrats nationally.  As Red Mass Group previously reported, McCormick has a long history of supporting Democratic and progressive causes.

McCormick has hired, “Republican Strategist” Todd Domke – as an aside has Domke worked for a GOP candidate in Mass in 20 years? – who went on WATD to sing McCormick’s praises with Malone.  There is an interesting connection between McCormick and Malone that has yet gone unreported.  

Since 2007 McCormick has donated over $70,000 to federal candidates.  Almost all of which has gone to Democrats.  

In 2007 McCormick Donated $2,250 to the Barack Obama Campaign.

In 2009 McCormick Donated $500 to the Alan Khazei campaign, $500 to the Patrick Murphy for Congress Campaign, and $30,400 to the Democratic National Committee.

In 2011 McCormick donated $25,200 to the Democratic National Committee.

In 2012 McCormick donated $5000 to Tim Kane for Virginia, Kaine is a former Democratic National Committee Chairman; $2,500 to Joe Kennedy for Congress, and $250 to Robert Menendez for Senate.

That is a total of over $65,000 to Democrats in four years.  There were two Republicans that McCormick donated to in that same time period. Both probably on personal friendships.

The first was $2500 in 2011 – offset you’ll remember by a $25,200 donation to the DNC – to Mitt Romney, a fellow venture capitalist.  

The second was Joe Malone, whom he donated $2,400 to in 2010.  

Is Gabriel Gomez gearing up to run as the LG candidate for McCormick?  Aren’t we already going to have a ticket with two Obama supporters on it?

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